What I Do

I design and develop stunning websites that are unique and easy to use. My code is validated and search engine optimized. WordPress sites are easily updatable and everything is beautifully responsive. Work is always delivered on time or ahead of schedule. Once your website is live, I also provide routine website maintenance and regular software updates.
Services Provided

How Much I Charge

My standard hourly rate is $100 per hour. Every website is different and costs will vary depending on the complexity of the site. Prices can range from $800 for a basic five-page static website to $3,000 for a large custom CMS. I'll also manage your new website if you don't want to do that by providing on-going website updates and maintenance for $35 per month.

Who Are My Clients

My clients are small businesses, individuals, authors, and nonprofits who need a website designed and built from scratch. I also work with design agencies and freelancers who already have a design but need it coded and developed into a fully functioning website. I develop projects dealing with WordPress, responsive design, and HTML / CSS websites.
About Me