Client Testimonials

Sarah Dickey
"Working with Kathy has been such a joy! She was very interested in capturing the essence of my site and bringing it to life. She developed, reworked, and continually updated me on the progress. Her efficiency and creativity have created an extraordinary site! I highly recommend having this gem in your corner. She has been a significant player in the launch of my dream."— Sarah Dickey, Author of Ode to Love
Julie Benezet
"Kathy has a rare combination of deep technical knowledge and a highly-tuned aesthetic sense. She is fearless about addressing the curlicues of website metadata, social media connectivity and the constantly changing standards of the major search engines.  She is also enthusiastic, proactive and fast. Working with Kathy on my author's website barely felt like work and produced a beautiful result. I highly recommend Kathy."— Julie Benezet, Author of The Journey of Not Knowing
Gail Kearns
"As the lead developer of our Gourmet Girls on Fire website, Kathy demonstrated continuous dedication and attention to detail in all aspects of the role. It has been a pleasure working with Kathy from the very beginning, and I would jump at the chance to work with her again. She is always responsive, making her a great team member!"— Gail Kearns, President, To Press & Beyond

Maria David
"When in need of technical advice and support Kathy is first and foremost the most pleasant of people to work with. She is prompt and thorough in all situations including sending tutorials for areas I needed more help in. Her level and spectrum of knowledge is excellent. Kathy is a true gem in the industry and I always look forward to working with her."— Maria David, Office Manager, Ojai Valley Community Church
Deinse Champendal
"Kathy Moran did an excellent job developing my website for my business, Acanthus Design. She paid special attention to detail and all work was done in a very timely manner. She took initiative without being prompted and brought certain issues to my attention that I would never have become aware of on my own. It was a pleasure to work with Kathy and I look forward to working with her again when I need a very professional and talented person to help me with my technical needs."— Denise Champendal, Owner, Acanthus Design